Introduction to Heartbreak and Hope

This first post is a week since I got dumped.  As part of my attempt to deal with this I downloaded an online dating app and have kept some friends entertained with stories of the crazies I have met.  My friend did ask why I needed an app to know that there are so many crazies out there.  So far it seems all the guys are only after one thing, the difference being how long it takes them to ask and how crude the request.

Best quote so far: “When you want to fuck say hello :-))”

I already have an obsessive stalker who keeps messaging me even though I have hardly said anything to him.  I’m still not sure how he can say he really admires from one photo.  At one point he sent 28 messages without me saying a single word.  Today obsessive stalker sent me 5 messages including an offer to take me out.

So far this dating app has really surprised me with the amount of interest.   I haven’t finished setting up my profile and I don’t think the photo is very good.  As the name suggests I would like to take my heartbreak, turn it into something positive with some new experiences.
Given the nature of this blog I want to keep things anonymous which means that I won’t use names and I will try to limit other identifying details.



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