Arranging that First Meeting

While chatting to a variety of guys on the dating app is very entertaining I decided to take the next step and arrange to meet someone.  I don’t need to spell out the risks of such a meeting so I thought agreeing coffee or a drink in town would be a logical place to start.  Attempt 1 was to meet someone for coffee in the morning but then he started asking for more.  At one point he tried saying he would only agree to coffee if I sent him naked pictures.  Having realised that was not going to happen, by which point I was starting to have serious doubts, his next concern was if he should book a hotel room.  Needless to say that meeting did not happen.

My new best quote is: “I’m looking for someone who can deepthroat a big one”

Attempt 2 was to meet for drinks in the early evening.  After attempt 1 I tried to make it clear that I was only after a drink.  He seemed like a nice guy and I guess mostly he probably is.  As it turns out he was after more and in the end it was necessary for me to leave.    Nonetheless I was glad I made the effort to get out and meet someone.

So yeah getting out and meeting people has a lot of potential but I can see that there will also be some interesting experiences.

Given the nature of this blog I want to keep things anonymous which means that I won’t use names and I will try to limit other identifying details. 

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