Learning how to say no


An important part of online dating is about being able to say no.  Some of the guys are really persistent and don’t seem to understand that just because they want to meet up, I might not want to.  For example one of the guys I traded messages with in the early days.  At some point I explained that I was on holiday and there would be no time to meet.  He still made about 5 different suggestions for meeting up and would send a series of messages, if I was slow to reply.  Another guy wanted to know which Cafe Nero I was having lunch in so that he could meet me.  There are a lot of Cafe Nero’s in London.

One of the more amusing scenarios is when I explain to someone that I am meeting other friends and they try to join.  When I told someone I could not meet for coffee because i was meeting a friend for dinner he suggested that we could both meet him for coffee.  Then he started to try and get my friend’s contact details and other information about my friend.  He even offered her a massage.  Someone else tried to join in a city break that a group of us had planned, thinking he might get a chance at a threesome.  There was a group of us going so I could not resist asking if my friends husband was included.

It seems that the best approach is to ignore unwanted invites even though that seems very rude to me.







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