Today was a good day

Well I wasn’t planning to post anything today because I have my sports class but in the end a few good things happened that I just had to share.  I started blogging as a means to deal with heartache but also because I was restless with my life and looking for something new.

Finally when I start one blog it seems I have loads of ideas for more.  The second being to blog about my sports class.  This will help with my development while at the same time generating publicity for our club.  The instructor thought it was a great idea but even better he has recently finished studying and has time for a new project.  We bounced some ideas about and he is going to see about setting up the meeting to make it happen.

On the dating front it seems that amongst all of the crazies I might have found one or two promising options.  The crazies are still providing some good stories and I will share more soon.  A few words one really should not get mixed up on a dating app: ‘sweaty’ in place of ‘sweety’ (plus I’m not a sweety kind of girl), ‘massage’ in place of ‘message’ and ‘cum’ in place of ‘come’.

Oh and I have another year of funding for work.  So today I would definitely say things are looking good.



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