Making a Good First Impression

via Daily Prompt: Impression

One would think that if you are trying to contact new people you would want to make a good first impression.  Admittedly this isn’t always easy.  I tried messaging one guy something about food because he mentioned it on is profile only for him to comment that I asked a strange question.  Fortunately he did because we are getting on really well.  He’s funny, he makes me smile and I like chatting with him and we are making plans to meet.

Of course with online dating there are many who don’t seem to understand this.  They seem to think it is fine to start with a term of endearment such as “Hello sugars”. Maybe it’s just me but I am not a huge fan of such terms, I think they should mean something before you start using them.  I don’t like being called “sweety”, “babe” or baby.  Not to mention “bby” at least make an effort to write properly.  Other introductions include “hello perfumed flower” and “so kissable” based on one profile picture.

Even once you have said hello you still need to convince me to keep talking.  Starting with a request for more photos doesn’t work, especially if you then tell me you are drunk and horney. But this weekend’s classic is a series of incomprehensible letters (I guess meant as abbreviations from Afrikaans).  I made the mistake of saying “huh” so he replied with a dick pic.  He even asked if I liked the pic.  I said no then decided to ignore the series of letters that followed.  I think they included a demand that I answer him.

Dick pic count: 11

If you want something very specific it makes sense to clarify this early on.  In the last few days there have been some guys claiming to want a relationship but after a quick chat start trying to talk dirty.  One was even pestering me for WhatsApp details so that we could video call and masturbate together.  Clearly time getting to know these guys was wasted.  Conversly a while back I received a request from someone wanting to be my “submissive”.  I’m not into this sort of thing so I simply ignored the message and saved us both some time. Having said that it will be difficult to beat today’s opening message.  He introduced himself as the “master” wanting me to be his “pet”.  There was a long message about what he was proposing including what he thought I would get out of it.  Think “Fifty shades of Grey”.  I’ll probably ignore that one, lol.

So if you want me to talk to you then you need to make the right impression, take time to think about something that will interest me or get my attention.  Alternatively be honest upfront what you want and save us both some time.


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