More Interesting Characters

One of the younger guys has been providing me with lots of good laughs.  He has been telling me about his trips to the gym.  He is a small guy who likes running and recently started at a new gym.  This gym only has one bit shower room so he feels a bit like a kid showering with the grown ups.  After a few days he started to notice, in his words, “the big equipment” these guys had.  One of them even caught him looking and just smirked.  It seems he was showering and suddenly realised there was a big one on either side of him and being short they are a bit close to his line of vision.  He keeps telling himself not to look but of course once you start looking you can’t help it, you have to look.  He dare not tell his male friends so I think he has only told me and another female friend who are both having a good laugh at him.  It seems he can still change gym but we both think he won’t.  It’s just so funny because he has been entertaining me for a few hours over two days with this story.

Yesterday I also received what can best be described as a reverse dick pic.  My internet was a bit slow and I could see this picture being sent so I assumed that it would be something to add to the dick pic count.  Instead it was him naked but with his hands covering up the key area.  I did have to laugh at the element of humour in sending such a photo.

It seems I should have waited one more day before publishing this post.  Later in the day gym boy contacted me again.  He went to the gym but it only took 6 secs before he was checking out the other guys, down on the 16 secs of the day before.  He has this theory that watching too much porn when he was younger ruined is brain and this is one of the reasons he is obsessed with looking the other guys.  Then he goes on to tell me that he accidentally clicked the “big dicks” link on a porn site at a crucial time so he ended up cumming to “big dicks”.  



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