A Strange Character

So a few days after arranging my first meeting attempt 1 guy contacted me.  I was surprised because after the hotel booking fiasco I did not think that I would hear from him again.  I told him that I was trying to focus on one guy and didn’t really want to talk.

Nonetheless he contacted me a few times and started saying how nobody was interested in him.  He claimed to want sex and friendship and seemed to think sex was a good way to break the ice.  He also got very defensive when I suggested a few improvements to his profile information.  Somehow we ended up chatting on the train while I was on the way to meet someone else.  He claimed to want to offer dating advice but was more interested in my plans were for the meeting and of course what I was wearing.  His motives became clear when he sent me two photos of his erect penis.

Which reminds me.  Dick pic count: 6

Why is it that guys think it is a turn on to send a woman such photos?  Attempt 1 guy then offered to send me a video, of him, playing with himself.  Strangely enough I said no.  Later he contacted me to find out how things went.  At this point he became seriously wierd claiming that I had made all sorts of promises regarding pics, meeting up and sex.  He was demanding to know what I planned to do about lying to him.  When it became clear I was not going to play this strange game he stopped talking altogether and has now deleted the dating app.  A very strange character indeed.

Given the nature of this blog I want to keep things anonymous which means that I won’t use names and I will try to limit other identifying details.