Still waiting

Well I’m still waiting for that coffee with my favourite guy.  Overall things seem to be going really well.  We spent ages on the phone on Friday and he has got into the habit of calling me while he is driving home.  Plus today was kinda fun because we traded loads of messages including some naughty ones while I was in a meeting.  But yet I have no idea how he is getting on with organising a babysitter although he did has about times that would suit me.  So I can’t help thinking that perhaps I am being played and he has no intention of meeting.

In the meantime I am talking to a few other guys but trying to keep it friendly.  Sadly it seems they are either crazy or really boring.  For example I just asked a guy what he does in his spare time and he said “Nothing much” followed by “and you”.  Call me fussy but I want a guy that can hold an interesting conversation.  Rather than picking up on the interests I listed this guy just asked me if I’m married.  I have lost track of the number of people who have asked me if I’m married so I just checked and my profile does start with “I’m currently single…”.


So for now I will keep looking.  Perhaps if things do not work out with my current favourite guy in a week or to I will look into an alternative dating app or website.

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