Wishes can come true

Well I head a really nice date a few nights ago with my current favourite guy, lets call him Import-Export Guy.  We had dinner, we talked and we kissed.  We are planning to meet again but he is away next week on business.  I can’t wait to see him again.

It may surprise some who know me that this blogging journey started with a wish.  The day after I arrived in the UK and 5 days after Guy 0 ended things I went with some family to a botanical gardens.  Near the end of the day we came across a wishing well and while my cousins made their wishes I stopped to think what I would wish for.  The first idea was of course to get Guy 0 back but then I stopped to consider if that was really what I wanted.  Oh yes I missed him.  Before Guy 0 I was single for a long time and being with him had given me new outlook on life.  I enjoyed being someone’s girlfriend and having someone to care about that.  I still wanted that but probably not with him.  So my next thought was to wish for another boyfriend.  But that did not feel right either.  I did not know what sort of boyfriend and I guess I was not that ready to let go of Guy 0.  So instead I wished for something positive to come out of this break-up.

It was amazing the difference such an idea made for me.  I immediately started feeling more positive and thinking about what that ‘something positive’ should be.  It was not long before I decided to try online dating and had download “Badoo”.  Those first few conversations were crazy and messed up.  I guess reflecting where I was at the time.  That in turn inspired me to start this blog and now I am also enjoying reading about other peoples experiences.

Now it seems I have found someone new.  It might not last but right now I’m enjoying being him and having fun.  So I like to think that my wish really has come true.



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