More Waiting

Well Import-export guy is out of town on business this week.  So frustrating when we both want to meet again but it is not possible.  He has mentioned the possibility of this weekend which should be interesting because usually he is really busy on weekends with his kids and other commitments.  Last night he even messaged me for a quick chat after his meal with clients.  Normally I don’t hear much from him in the evening because he is too busy being superdad.

So I will entertain you with a story of someone else I was chatting to before Import-export guy came along.  Writing this now I am surprised I let the conversation go as far as it did.  The conversation had not gone on for long when he started asking about things we could do on our first date, I do of course mean of a sexual nature.  A little bit more flirting and it became apparent that what he was proposing involved the back of a car because we could not go back to his place.  I’m getting a bit old for that sort of thing.  Then he reveals that he does not like condoms and has no intention of using them.  Aside from all the other considerations is the lack of respect for me that suggests.  Especially when he then asks if I mind if he gets me pregnant.  Yes, yes I do.  Oh but he really likes the idea of a little one running around and we could get a place together.  Too much, too soon?

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