I recently found out that there is a dating app called “DaddyHunt”?  Second Favourite Guy (see 14 June) has been telling me about it and if you think it sounds disturbing then you are on the right track.

It seems that Second Favourite Guy has moved on from well hung muscle men at the gym.  He took a friend’s advice and downloaded some gay dating apps.  As the name suggests this app allows young men to look for older men to act as their “Daddy” in questionable incestuous sexual role play.  I had never stopped to consider that such a fetish may exist and that there is sufficient interest for online communities. (I’m assuming all users of the app are consenting adults.)  He has already had a few encounters and thoughts of how bad such behaviour is, is really turning him on.   The first guy he found to role play as “Daddy” was about 35 years older than him.

The conversation then moved onto next time he goes home.  He was considering how the word “Daddy” now has a completely different meaning to him and he was going to have to avoid using it.  Anyway he did actually go and stay with his Dad recently.  While he was looking for something in his Dad’s room, he found a box of sex toys.  I should probably add that his parents have been divorced for, I think 20 yrs.  He did not explain properly, right away, but yes, he used one of his Dad’s dildos and loved it.  He even shared this information on “DaddyHunt” is seems all the Daddy’s loved it and thought that was really hot.  OMG.

It seems like every time I talk to Second Favourite Guy the story has got more disturbing as he comes to terms with his sexuality and starts exploring his newly discovered fetishes.  As an observer I continue to find his story very entertaining and in some ways it is interesting to see how people get into weird sexual fetishes.  At the same time I can’t help feeling scared that the next instalment will be even more disturbing.




One thought on “DaddyHunt

  1. […] All the experts say that you are not supposed to start dating, especially internet dating when your confidence is low.  So there is a certain irony in the fact that I have used internet dating to restore mine.  Perhaps that is more down to this blog providing a means to work through my feelings.  I used to scribble these things on paper but it is not the same as a blog.  For me at least there is a process to organising my thoughts into a post that others can follow.  I need to consider how much I am willing to share.  Particularly with more recent posts, knowing these posts will go public has made me focus on the positive aspects of each situation.  I was surprised at the time how much using  the “Open letter” post ( to vent my anger helped me to feel better.  This blog also helped me to organise my thoughts and decide on a plan of action such as my “next adventure” post (  Hopefully you found some of my posts interesting and amusing such as my “Daddy Hunt” post ( […]


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