Such a crazy place to be

I’m sure if I was on the outside listening to this relationship I would be the person saying end it.  If he can’t find time to meet you then surely things are doomed.  I have to admit that the busy work time for Import-Export guy came at a very difficult time in our relationship, for me at least.  Too soon for me to be confident that waiting is definitely justified.  Too soon for arranging to meet, to be a relaxed easy thing.  But yet things have matured too far for me to feel it it would be OK to arrange dates with anyone else.  So I find myself in a kind of dating limbo.  Waiting for him but unsure if it will be worth it.

So why am I willing to wait?  To drive myself crazy over a man?  Normally I would be the first to say don’t get wound up over a guy.  I was single for a long time because I did not feel the need for one in my life.  And yet here I am, obsessed with this guy.  I want to spend more time with him and get to know him better.  What he thinks of me matters.  He stood out right from our first chat.

It makes no sense to me.  My logical, engineering brain cannot process the idea that I feel such a strong connection to someone I have spent so little time with.  Right from the start our conversation flowed naturally and easily.  It was not long before I had a big smile on my face and wanted more.  It is not that he ticked more boxed or better fitted the criteria.  It is more a case of what boxes, what criteria?  He’s interesting, he’s funny and he makes me smile.

There is of course the question that if he feels the same, why hasn’t he found the time for a second date?  And yet, he was the one who mentioned something longer term when I was still thinking in terms of crazy rebound fling.  He did somewhat hopefully suggest the possibility of a date a while back, 3 days later he was in China.  He told me he needed a holiday and we joked about bunking off work.  When you are on the outside of a relationship you never hear about the little things.  Those tiny details that sometimes matter the most.  Like when I tease him because he does exactly what his kids want.  Or him telling be not to text and drive because I replied ‘Driving’ to one of his messages.  Or him making a point of telling me to drive safely because the weather was bad.  Or the almost presumptuous way he said ‘we can do that’ when I expressed interest in something friends were doing.

It seems like a crazy place to be.  I find myself drawn to this guy and I can’t really say why.  I am willing to believe what he says and trust that he is worth it.



A mad week

So over the course of the week I have gone from being excited because Import-export guy says he finally has time to meet, to I’m gonna have to dump him and then back to yay he is making plans to meet.

Since we talked he is definitely making more of an effort.  Sometimes there may only be a brief exchange of messages but there have been very few occasions where I needed to start the conversation.  Then finally last Friday he says he has two free evenings, he wants to meet up.  Doh, it’s the week I’m out of town on business.  Instead he suggested he may be able to join me, he has an office there.  Then for the rest of the week nothing on the topic.

On Wednesday I had trouble sleeping.  I could not switch off and I started to worry because I had not heard anything from him about the meeting in Durban, I also convinced myself there would be no birthday celebration.  Nothing, I’m sure to do with a late coffee after a not so enjoyable evening.  Thursday night I managed to get an early night but woke early.  This time convinced that Durban was not going to happen and that he was definitely going to forget my birthday.  There I was at 5 am unable to sleep and writing you forgot my birthday, you’re dumped messages in my head.  Then at 7:30 he messaged me.  He was going away for the weekend and we chatted while he got ready to leave.

During this conversation he mentioned that he had been working on the Durban plan and would find out on Monday if it was possible.  It seems I should have a little more faith in him.  I guess if you can be a on a plane to China with less that 2 days notice you don’t need to recheck details for a local trip.  Plus it was a similar story with trying to arrange the first date where he checked early in the week if his ex-wife could babysit but as she was busy he did not mention this to me.

Perhaps being let down earlier this year is affecting me more than I care to admit.  I need to remember that Import-export guy is different.  He may not feel the need to provide me with regular progress reports, he just gets on and does what he says he will.



Stop asking about my friend

This is the story of one of the guys I started chatting to while in London.  He could be really sweet at times but there were other occasions where he was needy and creepy.  He is from India so I think some of his weird questions and comments were down to cultural differences.

Take for instance the start to our conversation.  He said “hi”, I ignored him because I was busy.  Then later when I checked again for messages he had written “Ding dong is anyone home”.  So I told him I hadn’t replied because I was busy.  He apologised and we had a quick chat till the show I was about to watch started.  Later he invited me to join him for coffee but I said I could not because I was meeting a friend for food.  He said she could come too.  For some strange reason he seemed to think we both came from Ireland.  He then started taking, I think, too much interest in my friend.  What is her name?  What is her profession? Is she also using Badoo?  How do I contact her?  Seriously, you think I’m going to give a strange man a female friend’s contact details?

Each time he asked me something stupid or annoying then I ignored him and a while later he would respond with a more sensible question or comment.  Mostly he was friendly and wanted me to know I had another friend in London.  He seemed to think it was his responsibility to make me feel welcome and kept saying how I was welcome to visit.  But then when I was at Heathrow he started asking for my number so that he could call and hear my voice.  I don’t like talking on the phone at the best of time so a weird man while at the airport and a bit stressed was never going to happen.

Then after I got home he wanted to know when I would return to the UK.  I explained that it was a long way and expensive so it would be a while before I returned.  His response what that if my friend asked he was sure I would come.  Like he knows anything about our friendship.  Then more questions.  What work does she do? Is she also South African?  How do you know her?  Is she living with family in London.  Again, you think I’m going to discuss a female friend’s living arrangements with a strange man?

Eventually I decided that I’d had enough of a man who will flirt with me and then ask if my friend is seeing someone.  So I just ignored his most recent messages.