Stop asking about my friend

This is the story of one of the guys I started chatting to while in London.  He could be really sweet at times but there were other occasions where he was needy and creepy.  He is from India so I think some of his weird questions and comments were down to cultural differences.

Take for instance the start to our conversation.  He said “hi”, I ignored him because I was busy.  Then later when I checked again for messages he had written “Ding dong is anyone home”.  So I told him I hadn’t replied because I was busy.  He apologised and we had a quick chat till the show I was about to watch started.  Later he invited me to join him for coffee but I said I could not because I was meeting a friend for food.  He said she could come too.  For some strange reason he seemed to think we both came from Ireland.  He then started taking, I think, too much interest in my friend.  What is her name?  What is her profession? Is she also using Badoo?  How do I contact her?  Seriously, you think I’m going to give a strange man a female friend’s contact details?

Each time he asked me something stupid or annoying then I ignored him and a while later he would respond with a more sensible question or comment.  Mostly he was friendly and wanted me to know I had another friend in London.  He seemed to think it was his responsibility to make me feel welcome and kept saying how I was welcome to visit.  But then when I was at Heathrow he started asking for my number so that he could call and hear my voice.  I don’t like talking on the phone at the best of time so a weird man while at the airport and a bit stressed was never going to happen.

Then after I got home he wanted to know when I would return to the UK.  I explained that it was a long way and expensive so it would be a while before I returned.  His response what that if my friend asked he was sure I would come.  Like he knows anything about our friendship.  Then more questions.  What work does she do? Is she also South African?  How do you know her?  Is she living with family in London.  Again, you think I’m going to discuss a female friend’s living arrangements with a strange man?

Eventually I decided that I’d had enough of a man who will flirt with me and then ask if my friend is seeing someone.  So I just ignored his most recent messages.



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