Is the waiting almost over?

The last two weeks have been very busy.  First I was away for work and then last week was a combination of social activities and a few days where I did not feel very well.  So I have not had time or energy to post any updates.

In my last post I mentioned that Import-export guy was trying to arrange to join me for my week away.  Sadly this did not happen.  He was trying to arrange a meeting with a client who was out of town that week.  So we rescheduled for the following week, the day before my birthday.  His idea was that we could be together as my birthday started.  Unfortunately he could not find anyone to babysit.  In some ways this worked out well because I was not feeling well that day.  In both cases he seemed to be trying up to the last minute to try and make a plan and I had to ask what was happening.

The current situation is so frustrating.  He is doing so many of the right things.  When I was out of town: checking my flight arrived safely,  checking on how I was doing before my talk, then a quick phone call shortly before my return flight left.  I made a point of letting him know I got home safely.  On the day of my birthday he called in the morning so that he would be one of the first to wish me “Happy Birthday”.  But at the same time it feels like he did the minimum to keep me happy and interested.  Although he tried to arrange something, he did not succeed, and there are no new plans to meet.  I need to see him in person to feel like this is a proper relationship.  Right now I don’t think of him as a boyfriend, but rather a guy who might become someone special.

In an earlier post (Trying to be patient) I asked if he has time in his life for me.  I am still pondering this question.  Or if he has been lying to me all this time.  Having said that it seems that  September and October are quiet months for him.  Already there are signs the workload is easing because the messages have become more frequent.  I have waited this long, surely a month or two won’t make much difference.



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