Things are getting silly

Now my mother has sustained a drinking injury.  The people at the emergency room did laugh at her willingness to admit that she fell off the wine tram.  Later my sister tried explaining to Mom that she did not have to finish off every single glass of wine, especially ones she did not like.  That is why a spittoon is provided.

For the most part it was a pretty good day and formed part of my birthday celebrations.  We went as a small group of ladies on the wine tram.  It is actually a hop-on hop off tour that is actually a combination of bus and tram.  There are is a choice of routes which take you round some of the local wine farms.  We bought some good wines and had a nice lunch.  We even stopped for a round of wine and chocolate pairing.  The guide was a good laugh and our fellow passengers provided plenty of entertainment as the day progressed and more wine was consumed.  I don’t think my sister knew how to cope when the loudest guy started hitting her because she has been with the same guy since she was 15.  This gave me and Mom a good laugh.

So it was rather unfortunate when, at the last stop, Mom missed her footing getting off the tram and fell.  Consequently we spent half a day at the hospital to try.  Being a Sunday the specialist was not on duty and she had to return two days later for a follow up appointment.  It turns out that she has torn the ligaments and is booked in for surgery.

This of course means that Mom is less mobile and my sister and I are helping her.  My sister did suggest her eldest kid could help Mom out for extra pocket money but so far that does not seem to have happened.  It also means that if Import-export guy does get himself organised enough to invite me out in the next few weeks I will have some challenges sorting the logistics so that I can go.  Lol.


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