Networking to find a man

This morning our lesbian neighbour posted this picture of a girl jumping out of a cake saying she wanted this as her birthday cake on our neighbourhood group.  Of course it was not long before one of the guys also put in a request for such a cake.  Although he did try to suggest that it was one of the other guys with a dirty mind, he just had a sweet tooth.

I felt obliged to point out, in the interests of equality, that such a cake would be much better if a sexy man jumped out.  Further these guys are married and really shouldn’t be looking at such things.  Another argument for the sexy man.

At this point our lesbian neighbour reminded us that she likes girls.  A minor detail, lol.  She went on to point out that while she was quite willing to share but this would mean a lot of menfolk having to do their own cooking and cleaning.  So she suggested that in the interests of neighbourhood peace and harmony that she and her girlfriend should keep cake girl for themselves.  Naturally the guys thanked her for her nobility and team spirit.  I of course pointed out that this meant I did not get my hot man.  So they have promised to get me a man for my birthday.  As I’ve just had one it is going to be a long wait but they seem confident they can find a man in a cake somewhere.

I’m sure there were a few people having a good laugh as these messages were traded.  Still it was a good chance for me to let a few contacts know that I might be open to the possibility meeting a man.  Not right now perhaps, but no harm keeping my options open.  Online dating is one way to meet guys but it is worth exploring other options.  Certainly some of the dating advice websites do suggest using contacts and friends to meet new people.


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