Preparing for the next Adventure

I was looking at the pages of my newest follower Giulia ( who is writing about her adventures in London and it started me thinking that I would like a new adventure.

I was looking forward to some kind of romantic adventure with Import-export guy.  Our paths would not have crossed during everyday life and the presented some interesting opportunities for a different experience of life.  I have not heard from him for nearly 5 days.  I can’t get my head around the idea that he can go that long without checking WhatsApp.  This is the longest he has been quiet without giving me some advance warning.  It has been tough but I have been mentally adjusting to the idea that he is getting relegated from important guy to one of many.

His silence  has given me time to consider the next adventure.  I was thinking about finding a new job perhaps in a new town or country.  There are work issues that need to be sorted but I don’t think such a big change is needed.  Actually I want company to enjoy some of the places and events that my little corner of the world has to offer.  Online dating is a great opportunity to meet new and interesting people.  So no reason it can’t be my next big adventure.

My attitude has changed a lot since I downloaded Badoo and started online dating.  So I want to take a bit of time to plan.  I want reassess which platform I use and make sure I have good profiles on the ones I do choose.  I like Badoo but sometimes it is depressing the number of unsuitable people that message me although when I search I can find some more promising options.  Perhaps this is why Tinder seems to have thrown up more suitable matches.  I am considering a paid site and set up a profile on Be2 but again the matches did not look very promising.  Last night I tried Elite Singles and this site looks much more promising.  Not sure what it says about me, that of the 8 suggested matches, 3 were clinical psychologists.  I’m willing to pay for a dating website if I think it will provide better matches but I need to investigate a few more before deciding.

After visiting Elite Singles I am feeling more optimistic about the possibility of finding someone suitable.  I’m looking forward to this next adventure.  This time though I will take a bit of time to get my profile sorted and consider what I want.  It will also give me a bit more time to get my head sorted so that I’m in the right headspace to to do this thing properly.

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