Have I been Ghosted?

Nearly 2 weeks and still nothing from Import-export guy.  My last message still has a single tick.  I had hoped I would have heard from him by now.  In the absence of any other information I had assumed that he was away with his kids because it was school holidays and that today they would be back at school.  But the truth is I have no idea what is going on.

What if something bad has happened?  Having said that, the most likely explanation is that he is out of the country for business (or pleasure) and did not make time to let me know what was happening.  No doubt he meant to, perhaps he even thinks he did.  I can only know for sure if he messages me.

Today’s message would be: “Have I been ghosted?”  I have no intention of actually sending it.  After the attempted dumping I decided I would wait for him to contact me.  Also I want to know what he has to say for himself without any clues based on messages from me.

Of course if I send this message one could argue I have changed the terms of the relationship.  At the moment we could best be described as something that might be moving towards an exclusive relationship.  Certainly before his disappearing act there were some very nice messages and a suggestion that he was getting seriously fed up of all the rushing around.  In this case I would say that while it is fine to date more than one guy it should be done in a way that is respectful of all guys I’m dating.  If I take his silence to mean I’ve been ghosted it effectively means that relationship is over and there is no need to consider his thoughts or feelings.

It seems a bit soon to take this extreme view.  He can’t be checking his phone for any messages.  I still can’t get my head round that idea.  I think this is why ghosting is such a cruel stunt.  Initially a clean break it may be more painful and it does take more courage but it means both parties can start the process of moving on.  With ghosting there are so many doubts.  Should I wait one more day?  Maybe his phone got stolen. Maybe he is just busy.  Maybe there is another good explanation?  This makes is so much more difficult to move on.

I guess I can give him a few more days. Lol.  It won’t make much difference to my plans.

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