Sorting out my profile text

If I’m going to do this online dating properly then I need to sort out my profile to give me the best possible chance of attracting the right sort of guy.  In one of the earlier versions of my Badoo profile I made the mistake of saying I was looking for fun.  I suppose it should have come as no surprise that a lot of guys took this to mean that I was looking for one specific type of fun.  One guy did offer to fulfil my inner Venus with the most electrifying passion and hunger.

It seems to be a good time to update my profile.  I certainly can’t eliminate all the crazies in this way because a lot don’t care about the profile text.  One guy insisted on spamming me.  Probably because did not respond when he said “hi”.  I checked my phone a few minutes later to find that I had 25 messages with variations of “xxx”.  Of course there is a block function.

But how to avoid meaningless clichés like I want someone funny and clever?  I got some inspiration while reading another profile where the guy promised he would kill spiders and cockroaches.  This gave me the idea for the following opening line “WANTED: Someone to remove spiders and cockroaches”.

The next challenge is how to say that I’m looking for someone who is not stupid or incredibly poor.  This may sound snobby but we need to be able to spend time together.  For example a guy who is unemployed with high school education send me the following message: “What is Your Taste in Music Who is Your Favourite Musicians? What are your Taste in Movies and TV Series and name a few of Your favourite Movies and Series?” For me the content and repetitive nature was very irritating.  It made me feel like I was back in high school.  I think he was actually a very nice guy and good with kids but there is no way it would work for me.

So if one starts with the joke about spiders it is easy to suggest in the next line that a good job and qualifications would also be advantageous.  Hopefully by doing this I don’t sound too arrogant or pretentious.   Especially when the only thing I offer in return is to laugh at their bad jokes.

One of the guys I’m friendly with did say that the most important element is to make sure you sound like a positive and happy person but not to worry too much about the details.  This makes sense because you can only really figure out a personality and other things once you starting getting to know a person.  Still it does help me to feel more confident and optimistic about this dating thing now that I have a profile that I like and I think is a good reflection of me.

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