A little bit of magic

Last night I finally joined Elite Singles.  It seems to have had a magic effect.

I noticed this morning that my last message to Import-export guy now has two blue ticks.  Now I am confident nothing bad has happened.  I’m sure if it was a relative accessing his phone they would have messaged me by now.  While the fact that he hasn’t messaged me is a useful reminder of how low I am on his list of priorities.  Surprising how much closure I can get from two blue ticks.

The really magic part is that three guys asked me out.  Two within an hour of me joining Elite Singles, hence the magic, as none of them are from Elite Singles.  The first one messaged me just after 10 pm wanting to know if I was available that evening.  I pointed out that it was rather late and I was going to bed soon.  I suggested we meet earlier on another day.  He was not interested.  Gee I wonder what he was after.

I have been chatting for a while to the second guy who asked me out.  It had reached a point where I was starting to wonder if he would ever ask me out and if it was time to end the conversation.  But I enjoyed chatting to him and it was not causing me any problems.  So when he finally asked I was glad i did not do anything too hasty.

I only started chatting to the third guy a few days ago.  He seemed very excited when we first matched.  Then a few days later he messaged to say he had been on a date with this girl and he wanted to give her a chance.  I thanked him for letting me know and pointed out that realistically I had assumed he was chatting to and might even date a few women.  I said he was welcome to contact me at a later date.  He messaged a few days later because the other lady had gone quiet.  On reflection he decided I made a good point that at the early stages it was quite reasonable to chat with more than one person.

We haven’t confirmed the details for either date yet but things are moving in the right direction.  It is unlikely that either of these is “the one” but it will be interesting to get out and meet some new people.

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