Dating hit and miss

Dating will always be a bit hit and miss.  Sometimes things go according to plan and sometimes they don’t.  This weekend I had dates planned with both guys I mentioned in “A little bit of magic”.

On Saturday I had arranged to meet one of the guys for coffee.  This is the guy I had been chatting to for a while and was starting to wonder if he was ever going to ask me out.  He does something to do with planning so I’ll call him Planner guy.  I also had to take my Mom shopping and then I had some work to do.  I did more work than I expected and then started to realise it was getting rather late for coffee.  I had heard nothing from Planner guy since the morning when there was a quick greeting suggesting he was excited about meeting up later.  Eventually I sent him a coffee emoticon with a question mark.  There was a quick message about his Mom visiting and I think he was taking her home.  After another hour of silence I decided to accept another invite for dinner and had a lovely evening with a friend.  Shortly after I arrived home Planner guy messaged me.  I told him I had been out for dinner.  That I had to make another plan after he bailed on our coffee date.  Turns out that while I was waiting for him to sort out the details, he was waiting for me to say something.  So much for all the dating advice that says you should wait for the guy to make the arrangements.  We couldn’t rearrange for Sunday because I had another date but I decided to just tell him I was out with friends.

On Sunday I met with the guy who was quicker to ask me out.  He’s an accountant so I’ll call him Accountant guy.  This was our second date.  We met for dinner on the Tuesday after work.  On Saturday we went brandy and chocolate pairing, had some coffee and talked.  He stutters which can make the conversation challenging at times but that is not enough to put me off.  He has a lot going for him.  He has a decent job, with ambitions to start his own business, he has his own place (you would be surprised how many guys are living with parents or a roommate).  He doesn’t have kids which means finding time to get together is much easier.  He has recently decided to lose weight and has found a programme which seems to work for him and he has recently taken up open water swimming so he is getting fit and healthy.  He asked me out at a sensible point in our conversation and had been good at checking in to confirm details of our plans.  He seems to like me a lot.

The problem is that I’m not sure I like him anywhere as much.  If had to describe him I would have to go with a very bland “nice”.  Unlike the previous guy where I would go with things like exciting, exhilarating and frustrating.  I think that I first need to come to terms with the fact that he ghosted me.

So for now the plan is to take things slow with Accountant guy.  Try to rearrange the coffee date with Planner guy.  Continue working the dating websites to see what other possibilities there are.

2 thoughts on “Dating hit and miss

  1. Thanks for sharing. My biggest challenge in online dating is finding anyone I care two hoots about. Often I am attracted to them (usually only the young ones) but there is nothing to keep me interested. If I am not remotely attracted I find it all a bit fake and pointless. I have had my heart broken twice (only!) in 3 years on and off dating online. In those cases there was no doubt whatsoever about my feelings and it was wonderful while it lasted. Yes, hit and miss – online dating it a lot of other things too!


    • I have not been doing the online dating nearly as long as you have but it can get frustrating at times finding anyone interesting. At the moment I’m trying to focus on having fun with getting to know new people without stressing too much if things are going anywhere.


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