I want a man not a boy

When I say boy I don’t meant the big kid type of guy, the sort that likes his boy’s toys.  I might be thinking of getting me some Lego if I can find a good architecture kit.  I’m talking about the sort of guy that can hold an adult conversation and behave in an adult way when required.

I got home a few days ago to find that one of the guys had left me a crying emoji.  Naturally I asked what was wrong.  The response with more crying emoji’s was that I was not giving him enough attention.  Erm, I tend to respond to people who have something interesting to say and will make an effort for those I find interesting and funny.  I do not respond well to a guilt trip.

Remember back in school when you resorted to telling someone they were scared if they wouldn’t do something you asked?  Fortunately most of us out grown this approach.  Sadly I encountered someone who has not.  After about three messages in he asked me for my WhatsApp details.  It was already clear that he could not write properly so I said no.  He responded by asking if I was scared my husband would find out.  I figured ‘Lol. Yes.’ was a suitable response.

I ignored him for a while and when he didn’t take the hint I decided that it would be best to tell him I was not interested.  Then he tried playing the race card by asking if the reason was down to the colour of his skin.  Again no, he can’t write properly.  In spite of all this he still chatted for a while then tried to arrange to meet up.  Then he accused me of being shy when I said I wouldn’t meet him.  Seemed to think I was full of stories when I told him my time was limited so I was fussy about who I met up with.  It turns out he has a girlfriend but she does not know he is on Badoo so that is not a problem.  Oh boy.

Surely it is not too much to ask for a guy who can behave like an adult.  Someone who understands that if you want a woman to meet you then you must make an effort to make the meeting sound fun and interesting.

3 thoughts on “I want a man not a boy

  1. […] Certainly there is a lot of activity and I have chatted to a lot people actually looking to meet people as opposed to romance scammers.  You can use most of the features for free and combined with it being a mobile app means that it attracts a wide range of people.  Some of the most interesting people I have met, including Import-export guy, came from Badoo.  Also some of my funniest dodgy character stories.  […]


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