Another Ghosting

This one is much more confusing than Import-export guy or the fireman and is a more classic example of ghosting.  In this case I am talking about Planner guy.

We have been chatting since September but so far only managed one date.  I have been wondering for a while if this thing really was going anywhere and was looking for a chance to try and move things on.  The disorganisation with our first attempt at a date suggested he might need some female encouragement.

Then on Friday he suggested we meet on Saturday afternoon.   I was doing some online shopping when he first messaged and he offered some advice and sent me some useful links.  It seemed like all was going well.  Later in the day I was shopping for underwear when he messaged to say he was at the barbers and asked what I was doing.  I could not resist saying I was trying on underwear and ended up sending a bikini shot.

We had another nice chat on Saturday morning and then I had to go out for a bit.  After getting home I had lunch and noticed he still had not read my last message.  At this point I was starting to wonder what was going on, we still had not agreed a time.  It was starting to feel a lot like our first date attempt.  In the end I sent him two ice-cream emoticons and he responded by asking if I was eating.  I said no, what happened to our plans and that I was trying to escape a very needy cat.  His responses were rather short, not really saying much.  He still hasn’t read the last message.

I know he is online and I have seen activity on facebook.  His messaging has always been somewhat erratic.  Sometimes he only manages to say ‘Good morning’ and send a few jokes during the day.  He did go through a quiet patch and a whole weekend with no messages.  I eventually sent an emoticon and things seemed to improve after that.

Overall it did feel a lot like things had stagnated and I had been considering what to do about the situation.  Perhaps he felt the same way.  It is a pity because he seemed like a nice guy.  Seriously though if he was unhappy with how things were going why didn’t he say something.  More importantly why did he ask me out, have a nice chat in the morning then go quiet?  Is is very strange and confusing.  Should I send one last ‘wtf is going on?’

4 thoughts on “Another Ghosting

  1. To be brutally honest he sounds like a dick. Either he is not genuinely interested and is keeping you on the side (benching, simmering, whatever) or he is disrespectful and disorganised – or both. Don’t waste your time on him, sista.


    • After his stunt last Saturday I have no intention of reaching out to him. I have wondered for a while where things were going but I figured that as long as he was not taking a lot of time then I would not stress too much.


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