Going nowhere?

Last week Accountant guy cancelled our date for the Friday.  My work Christmas lunch was taking place near where he lives and the idea was that we would meet up after work.  Then last week he contacted me to say that there was something else he wanted to do and the timings did not work.  Given the weather his choice made sense.

A little more discussion and it seems that he is still concerned about where things are going (The importance of communication).  We have fun together but there is not a lot of chemistry.  If I’m honest after the emotional turmoil of the last year I like this more gentle romance.  I don’t have the energy to get emotionally involved with anyone right now.  No doubt I’m holding back and this is part of the reason there is no chemistry.

Although we did not make any definite plans he suggested we meet in a few weeks.  I went home thinking perhaps that was it, this relationship seems to be getting stuck and it was time to end things.  I was planning to slow things down to focus on Accountant guy (Do I date or ditch?).  Perhaps it is the weather, or further evidence that I need a break from the dating game, but I have no motivation to go looking for new prospects at the moment.  The idea of getting dressed up to meet anyone new really does not appeal.

I would rather spend time with Accountant guy.  Perhaps this is laziness rather than attraction.  He has messaged since cancelling and I’m sure he is still interested.  He seems like a really good guy and surely it must be a good thing that he can express his feelings and is looking for chemistry.  This should be the basis of a good long term relationship but I just can’t see this as something long term.  I feel like I would be settling too soon, dare I say settling for second best.  So what’s missing?

I’m starting to think that I need someone who has a crazy side and can surprise me occasionally.  Maybe we are both overthinking things and should just try to go with the flow?

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