WhatsApp for dic pics?

On Sunday I spotted a cute guy on Tinder so I swiped right.  The headline text suggested starting a conversation so I left a message asking what he would like to talk about.  A few hours later the response was: “Sex”.  I responded with a comment about me trying not to stereotype guys.

We managed a bit of normal conversation and then I got these messages: “Im hard now x” and “Very big”.  I sent a lol and commented that he must be having fun.  He asked me to join him.  So I said that I don’t do one night stands or meaningless sex.  I’m certainly not driving halfway across town because some random guy tells me he is hard, Lol.  He then tried to convince me to move to WhatsApp so that he could send me a pic.  Erm, no.

He asked a few personal questions so I tried to freak him out by asking how he felt about handcuffs.  He responded by telling he about a threesome that he had enjoyed and wanted to know if I would like one.

Given the explicit nature of the conversation I was surprised to hear from this guy the following evening.  He asked how I was doing and I thought briefly that he might want to apologise and start again.  However I was not surprised to receive the following: “Horney lol” and then “Where would you like me to cum???”.  So I told him that was not what I was on Tinder for.

He then told me about something that had happened to him over the weekend.  Sounded like a rather stressful and difficult situation that might have had him acting a bit out of character.  But after telling me this he offered to send me a ‘sexy pic’.  He seems to think his dick is very pretty and that it is normal to look a bit.  Well there is a time and a place for that but not in the case of a random stranger who is only really interested in how horney he is feeling.

I repeated the point that I was looking for something more meaningful.  Looking back on the conversation I realised that he has not actually asked for my WhatsApp details again.  But this is implicit in his attempts to convince me he has a very nice dick.  He can’t send such pictures using Tinder.  Seriously, I’m going to give you my contact details when you have made it clear that your primary objective is to send me dic pics and no doubt request pictures in return.

2 thoughts on “WhatsApp for dic pics?

  1. Swiping apps are riddled with dick pic guys… I have found that if you have “boobage” in your photos or have party pics then the requests increase.
    Yes I have big boobs and like to party but does that mean u want to see your dick?! Fml


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