Scaring the scammer

The over the top claims of love typical of scammers gave me the idea for a new game to play with them.  I mean seriously, I was chatting to this guy, who claimed to be Canadian and on holiday in Cape Town for two weeks.  I responded by telling him in that case we could only be friends (After Guy 0 and Import-export guy I don’t want another text pal.).  His response:

“I like this country my dear I can relocate because of you if really want and like me seriously”

Scammer Alert.  I pointed out that it was too soon for such a decision but it seems he wanted to know where things were going and the response included this:

“Me am looking for serious relationship and if I don’t know your own mind either you like me to be your man or you can’t say anything right now maybe I still need to move forward to be searching”

An attempt to hook me by making me worry about losing him?  He then went on to tell me a bit about himself part of which was:

“am the only child of my parents, my father from United state, taxes Jackson my mother from Canada Ontario Belleville I was born in Canada school and growed up a lot of my life in Canada”

Where do I start with the number of reasons this does not make sense? Playtime for me:


At the point I’m wondering if my plan was working.  Maybe he did not understand what I was trying to do.  Nonetheless I thought I would give it another try:


At this point he tried to call me and this was followed by: “Really”

I wonder if I will hear from him again.


If you do have concerns about a scammer then there are places you can go for help such as this website: ScamSurvivors.Com



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