Finally we got together

A day after my post about Artisan guy, discussing challenges around organizing a coffee date he started messaging me again.  We traded messages for a few days.  Then on the Saturday he asked if I had an old phone that he could buy from me.  He wanted it for his son.  I had an old one that did not work very well but he seemed to think that he could fix it.

He joked that we would finally have to meet.  He seemed to have some idea that it was me avoiding meeting.  But yet he also admitted he did not like coffee and had clearly taken my insistence on coffee very literally.  Lol, other drinks would have been available.  He also told me some rather personal things and left a bunch of voice notes of him singing along to music he liked, which made me wonder about how many drinks he’d had.  Initially we tried to make a plan for Saturday evening but by the time we got to this point it was getting rather late and the earliest he could manage was 9:30 pm.  Which I felt was way too late.  I decided it would be better to make a plan for the following day.

The following day I heard nothing from him.  I had another date planned so I did not really want to meet.  On the Monday I noticed that his profile picture had disappeared from WhatsApp.  I started planning another rant about his wierdness. Then on Wednesday he left me a message on Facebook asking for my number.  He does have terrible luck with phones.  In the end we arranged to meet on Friday evening.  I had a really nice evening.  He seems like a nice guy with lots of character and personality.  I would like to see him again.

Nonetheless I do have concerns.  I know he is looking for someone for the rest of his life but the idea scares me.  I suspect it is because we want different things, so I can’t see a long term future for us.  The issues with his phones and elements of his communication suggest he is not that reliable.  But my biggest concern is about what happened on Saturday night, which is part of why he lost his most recent phone.  He had a fight with his adult son which resulted in the son laying charges.  I don’t know exactly what happened or how bad it was.  He seems rather upset that his son felt the need to lay charges. The way he told the story, it sounds reasonable he got upset.  Yet, the more I think about it, the more it worries me.

For now I think I will go with the flow,  try not to over analyze the situation and see what happens next.  He has many good qualities, I’m just not sure if he is the man for me.

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