Funny Tinder Profiles

I thought it would be fun to share some of the hilarious Tinder profiles that I have come across.

I think this is one of the best Tinder descriptions I have seen because at least it shows the guy is confident and has a good sense of humor.  After all who can complain when a guy compares himself to a dog?  Food for thought:  would a dog make a better companion? 

The first picture is followed by a few nice pictures of the guy who it turns out is black.  Ironic when you consider my previous comments about how most South African black guys take themselves too seriously.  Of course there is very little about his background and culture in the profile.  I like how he has overcome the challenge black men face with a profile that grabs your attention and showcases his personality before revealing his skin colour.  Needless to say this was swipe right. 

This DOG Needs a home, Cute from one angle only, loves staring out the window, See BioMore details from the online dating bioWhile the rest of the Tinder bios are witty I don’t think it will be a surprise that I chose to swipe left.  A key point to consider is context.  I like the joke in the next one and if I saw it on Facebook or WhatsApp then I probably would share it.  That does not make it a good Tinder bio.  Are you trying to say that you want children or just sex?  Will this just appeal to women who are desperate for kids?    


Men are the best cooks because with: two eggs, one sausage and a little bit of milk he can fill a girls tummy for nine months

I understand this profile picture even less.  Is he badly in need of the toilet?  Maybe he is just sexually frustrated.  Not surprising if he thinks this is a good online dating profile picture. 

A cartoon picture of a cross face

I like this picture.  It is a very funny drainpipe design.  I can’t understand why some friends didn’t include something similar when renovating their house. Lol. 

A drain pipe in the shape of a man peeing

I have to say this is one of my favorite Tinder profiles for men.  It is a simple, effective yet witty way of making it clear what he is looking for.  Interesting that my favorite profile pictures both have a dog related theme.

A picture of a dog holding a bone and text saying Wanna bone   


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