I gave Badoo another chance

After Anti-Valentines I decided to unhide my Badoo profile.  It has been hidden since December.  Badoo is the first online dating platform I tried so far and based on my experience I would say that is the one of the mostly popular dating apps in South Africa.   

Certainly there is a lot of activity and I have chatted to a lot people actually looking to meet people as opposed to romance scammers.  You can use most of the features for free and combined with it being a mobile app means that it attracts a wide range of people.  Some of the most interesting people I have met, including Import-export guy, came from Badoo.  Also some of my funniest dodgy character stories. 

A hidden profile allowed me to view other profiles and continue to message people while avoiding messages from people who don’t interest me.  Nonetheless Badoo works best if you have a high popularity by chatting to lots of people.  

It was not long before a lot of people liked me and there were numerous messages.    Most of them were ‘… wants to chat’. They have not even bothered to say ‘Hi’, just clicked a button.  I checked the profiles and could not find anyone who interested me. 

There was one guy who messaged and after about 2 messages asked to WhatApp.  He sent me his number and asked that if wanted to WhatApp I should send my name and surname.  I ignored his request and after a few messages he tried again.  And no, a kiss is not going to make any difference.  In situations like this I have found the best option is to simply stop responding.   

Of course inevitably there was one whose relationship status was ‘complicated’ and when asked he told me he was in a relationship but that things weren’t going well.  So he was looking for someone to give him support as well as someone he could have fun with and explore the surroundings.  So I told him that I don’t date people in a relationship, that friendship was the only option.  This was the response:

‘We try tht no hard feelings.  Maybe sme day when get to know you may change the idea’.

So my suspicion he wanted more than friendship was correct and clearly my attempt to put him off was too subtle.  I decided to test how far the friendship idea went by asking if he would tell his current partner about me.  Surprise, surprise, the answer was no, some things should remain private, he wanted to handle things his way.

It turns out that he lives in a very dodgy part of town and works as a cashier at the local petrol (gas) station.  He claimed it was very interesting but I’m not convinced.  His world is so small he has not even heard of the shopping center near me.  At this point I figured there was not much point continuing the conversation.  I told him that I did not think that friendship was going to work and tried to ignore him.  Clearly not one to take a hint he tried to get my attention with messages such as: ‘U v gone scarce. Sadly missed’ and a few days later: ‘Am I being ignored for real’

So it seems that Badoo is still full of colourful characters.  The challenge is finding one that I actually want to meet for coffee.

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