I met a guy offline

After a nearly a year of online dating I was starting to despair of meeting anyone sensible.  There was Import-export guy who showed so much potential and then ghosted.  This was never going to be the last ghosting.  Then there were a few examples of a nice guy but no chemistry.  Then most unexpectedly, I met someone in an offline setting.

I debated even going to the funeral on the Friday.  I had a lot of work to do and I was not sure it was really necessary, especially when it it seemed my sister wasn’t going.  She arrived after the service with her kids.  I knew it was right that Mom should go and the deceased came to Dad’s funeral.

Both Mom and some friends we went with, commented on the fact that the sons cheered up a lot when they saw me.  They told me later that they used to look forward to coming round to our house.  My sister and I were a lot more fun than the children of their Dad’s other good friend.  With hindsight I guess there were additional reasons why the older son cheered up.  I will call him IT guy.

I can’t explain why I asked for his number as we were leaving.  I thought it would be nice to stay in touch and I could not find either son on facebook.  I knew Mom had the email address of the younger brother.  IT guy messaged later in the evening to make sure that we go home safely.  He also thanked us for staying late.  I think it made the situation easier for both sons.

On the Saturday Mom went on a mission to dig out some old photos and I ended up taking photos of a few and sending them to IT guy.  He thought most of the photos of him were embarrassing and laughed at one of his brother.  He mentioned that they were going up Table Mountain on Monday night and this would be followed by a meal.  Would I like to join them.  We had strawberry daiquiris and watched the sunset.  It was a lovely evening.

The following day he returned to Dubai but the messaging continued.  It became more flirty and within a few days he made it clear that he was interested in more than just friendship.  It turns out that he has fancied me since we were kids.  So much for my determination to find someone in Cape Town and avoid another relationship by text.


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