What makes a good Tinder profile?

I know I have been rather quiet lately but there has been a lot going on.  I have busy at work trying to get my project back on track.  (There may be rant about what happened today but right now I am not in the mood.)  I have also been doing some job hunting.

Also things are going well with IT guy.  A few days after the Dubai trip he asked me to be his girlfriend.  This means there are not many crazy online dating stories to share.  So I thought I would cheer myself up by going through some screenshots of various amusing and wierd Tinder profiles.  It is amazing how few guys seem to understand that if you want me to swipe right on Tinder then you need to sell yourself with a good Tinder profile.

I think the first one is a textbook example of a bad tinder profile.  Clearly stating what he is looking for is a good start.  Then we get to the part about WhatsApp.  As an educated and independent woman I have my own views about when to use WhatsApp and expect potential boyfriends to respect my views and concerns.  The rest is just very negative.

Grumpy Tinder profile

Perhaps someone should remind the above guy that if he wants to make me swipe right then he needs to sell himself.  This could be done by showing that you are lots of fun but perhaps this guy went a bit too far.

Tinder profile

There are those that consider Tinder a hookup app.

Tinder hookup app

At least this guy understands the idea that if you want me to swipe right then I would like some idea of what you look like.

Tinder hookup

In contrast I have no idea why anyone would choose this guy.

creepy Tinder profile

This collection is of course mostly bad Tinder profiles but maybe it will provide some clues about what would make a good Tinder profile.