Romance, Durban and Dubai

There was me trying to focus on developing more of a travel blog by with details of my trip to Durban but it seems that some of my readers are more interested other information.  I had thought that my post on how I was getting on with IT Guy would cover things but it seems not.

I pointed out that I had no intention of writing a sex blog but those weren’t the details.    Just more on the relationship side of things with IT Guy.  I struggled for a while, trying to think what to add.  The fact that we held hands as we walked down the Golden Mile or could sit with a comfortable silence while watching the sunset.  Or perhaps that I was willing to compromise on the choice of restaurant. I am not a fan of seafood.  I enjoy some fish but it is limited to things like battered fish and chips, salmon or a nice piece of tuna steak.  Actually it was nice to have more fish than I would normally.

I started thinking that perhaps I needed to rewind to Dubai to provide more of the story.  So I started a post about more details about what happened in Dubai.  A few details which I think showed the initial nerves and uncertainties that go with the start of a relationship, but also rather personal.

Then yesterday IT Guy said something which reminded how much he values his privacy.  He doesn’t even have a Facebook account.  It got me wondering how much he would be comfortable with me sharing.

He knows I have a blog.  I plan to show it to him when the time is right but I haven’t yet.   I prefer he hears my stories in the normal organic way you would in most relationships.

I though the original post would make a nice story but my gut said don’t share.  In the end I decided to listen to my gut.  Why would I risk this relationship for a few blog posts?  Especially when you consider that he also asked if he could have a replica trophy cabinet and bar, if we ever live together.

Garath Southgate carrying a trophy cabinet box outside IKEA

So I guess that means I need to give a little more though to what information I should share and what not to share.


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