The Cape Town part of his Visit

Finally I have some time to write about the Cape Town part of IT Guy’s visit.  I am in the process of looking for a new job and doing that properly takes time.

After a few lovely days in Durban we returned to Cape Town.  It was necessary for me to work so I was a little worried about what IT Guy would do during the day.  On the first evening I stopped to get some pork chops on the way home.  I know a place that does really good ones and it would make a nice treat given it is virtually impossible to get them in Dubai.  I got home to find he had been updating his CV.  After a nice meal we chilled in front of the TV.

The second day I made a plan to get home early so we could go wine tasting.  This time he had actually made plans to sort some stuff and was chasing my sister’s kids round the garden.  I gather he is good at hide and seek.  I had hoped we would have time for two wineries but by the time we got into the car I realised there was only time for one.  So it was particularly frustrating to find the one I had chosen closed for a private function.

So we decided to go for the second part of our plan and head for the coast for some food.  There is a fairly recent development called Eden on the Bay with numerous restaurants overlooking the sea with a view of Robben Island and Table Mountain.  Many of the restaurants have outdoor heaters and provide blankets so it is possible to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and view.  You get some really nice winter days in Cape Town.

Eden on the Bay
Eden on the Bay

On Day 3 we had an early start.  IT Guy had arranged to borrow Mom’s car and as we were collecting it he asked Mom to join him.  Mom was expecting to spend some time at a Mall near where he was going but he took her everywhere he went.   I think Mom was rather bemused.  With hindsight perhaps I should have gone with him although at the time I was just glad he had something useful to do.  Some of the errands were emotionally tough.  Probably why he wasn’t very forthcoming with details and did his CV on Day 1.

In the evening I had arranged a family meal out with him, Mom and my sister’s family.  We went to one of our favorite special treat restaurants.  They do some amazing steaks which includes various types of game such as ostrich, kudo and springbok.  We had a nice evening although it took a little while for IT Guy to recover from his tough day and get dragging into playing with the kids again.  One nice thing about South Africa is that many restaurants include access to a kids play area.  Also my sister is a master at finding places she can take her kids.

Overall I think it was good to stop in Cape Town for a few days.  IT Guy needed a few days to chill out and he got some first hand experience of how crazy my life can be at times.  We were so busy doing stuff I kept forgetting to get photos.

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