An Evening at the V&A Waterfront

The weather in Cape Town is steadily improving and last night the weather was perfect for sitting outside and where better to go than the V&A Waterfront.  Part of the harbor has been converted into a big development which includes shops, restaurants, hotels and housing.

When we first moved back to Cape Town in 1990 they had just finished the first phase of the development.  There used to be a place that did really nice ice-creams so we would go and get an ice-cream, have a walk around and watch the boats.  It is still a working harbor.  I also found it interesting looking at scale model of what was then a proposed development.

These days it is very popular especially when the weather is good.  While the V&A Waterfront caters to wealthy people there are still options for those with less money.  You can walk around looking at the different places and soaking up the atmosphere.  There is even an amphitheater that offers free entertainment although a cynic could argue this is a cunning ploy to encourage you to spend at the nearby restaurants.

the amphitheater at the waterfront

One of the things I love about the V&A Waterfront is that it is still a working harbor and there is a lot of activity with boats and yachts coming and going.  This part of harbor even includes the dock which would have taken numerous political prisoners including Nelson Mandela to Robben Island although these days the trips to Robben Island leave from another part of the harbor.

There are many restaurants overlooking the harbor and last night we went to Quay 4.  It has been there ever since I have been going to the V&A Waterfront.  I also remember it as a popular drinking spot many people while still at school even though they might not have reached the legal drinking age.  We sat on the top deck which give a nice view of the harbor

a view of the waterfront from Quay 4

It made an interesting start to the evening when I ordered an Appletiser (a soft drink) and the waiter had to clarify if I wanted one of their cocktails, an Apple-thai-zer.  Although I did later have a gin cocktail called a Blue Moon which was very tasty but not the poshest looking cocktail.  I also had a very tasty Salmon dish.

a food photo showing a plate of Salmon

Overall I had a very nice evening and would definitely recommend a visit to the V&A Waterfront.




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