The Future of Heartbreak and Hope

This started out as a blog about online dating but since I met IT Guy I have deleted all my dating profiles.  Of course one can never be completely sure how long a relationship will last but right now the signs are good.  I’m sure anyone who has been following my blog for a while will have noticed that it has been evolving.  So I figured it was time to clarify the future of Heartbreak and Hope.

I have always found that writing is a great way of organizing my thoughts and making plans to sort out problems.  I could continue with a more personal journal about my search for a job and some of the challenges with a long-distance relationship.  Blogging about a job hunt seems rather dull and fraught with risks that something will come back to haunt me.  Plus, at the start I was aiming for something more lighthearted and entertaining.

I have already decided to be more cautious about what I share about IT Guy.  I want to be able to share this blog with him so it was frustrating that I published a post about the challenges of staying in touch a few days before he made his last-minute visit.  An important topic I had not been able to discuss with him was the most recent post which made sharing the blog rather awkward.

Also one of the goals of this blog was to learn more about blogging.  I had been trying to think of a topic for a while before I got the idea of an online dating blog.  This has been great for learning more about blogging and over time I have been using more features.  Another issue that has been bothering me is that the web address and title of my blog do not match.  For a while I have been thinking about starting a fresh blog.  Something without the online dating and allows me to share my name and face.

My dream is a joint project with IT Guy.  He has been doing websites for work and his cricket club so he knows a lot of about the with the technical aspects and marketing.  The first challenge is actually being able to show him my current blog.  I suspect he is going to find loads of things to fix.

And the content, you must be wondering by now.  I like the idea of a travel and lifestyle blog.  Something with a bit of humor and the odd ‘it didn’t really go according to plan‘ story.  Fun stories that give more of a sense of the experience of places I visit.  Nothing too serious there are plenty of websites that specialise in facts and figures.

For now I will continue writing here.  It will give me a chance to figure out the content, writing style and timing for a new blog.  Please feel free to let me know which posts you like and what you think of where this blog is going.





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