Worcester, Ceres and Tulbagh

The morning after the chocolate festival we woke early.  We had been warned the night before that the power would be off for most of the day.  Typically just after it went off IT Guy realised his phone had not charged.  I felt bad because if I had known I would have put his phone on charge after mine was done.   

We headed to a nearby wine farm for breakfast.  Officially they had power because of solar panels but we could hear a generator running.  We had a nice cooked breakfast and booked a hotel for that night.  After breakfast we once again headed for Paarl Mall to get an in-car charger.  I have never felt the need for one.  Given that IT Guy’s phone often runs out of power at awkward times it did get me wondering if one reason guys need lots of gadgets, is because they are less organised.     

After shopping we got on the main road (N1) heading out of town and it wasn’t long before we reached the Huguenot Tunnel.  The Huguenot Tunnel goes through the Du Toitskloof Mountains and is 4 km in length.  It feels like a whole new world when you emerge from the other side.  More remote and chilled.

We headed for the town of Worcester which a farming town.  By this point I was getting tired and was hoping to find a nice coffee shop for a drink and to stretch my legs.  Of course being a Sunday virtually everywhere was closed.  Then I remembered the Karoo National Gardens on the outskirts of Worcester.  We got there to find the restaurant was closed and that there was a charge to get in.

Fortunately IT Guy had spotted a golf club on the way and suggested we stop there.  It is not somewhere I would have thought of but I figured it was worth a try.  It worked out really well because there were some lovely views, the the people were friendly and welcoming, and it was fun watching a people on the golf course. 

A view of the golf course in Worcester
Worcester Golf Course

We then headed for Ceres.  It is a lovely drive with beautiful scenery and mountains.  I had hoped to stop at a winery for some wine-tasting and maybe some food but of course they were all closed, such a contrast to the other side of the mountain.  In the end we stopped for lunch next to a place that does ziplining.  The zipline consists of 8 slides totaling 1.4 km down a mountain valley so the views are spectacular.  It was great to learn that IT Guy also enjoys this sort of thing.      

A view of the valley from the Ceres Zipline
Ceres Zipline

Then we headed for Tulbagh and our hotel for the night.  We have decided this was our favorite hotel so far.  We spent a few hours in the bar because they were showing the England cricket game that IT Guy had been following.  Fortunately for me the bar also stocked 19 different craft gins.  The food was also very tasty.  Chilling out in the hotel bar made a nice end to the day.

A glass of gin in the hotel bar in Tulbagh

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