Breakfast, Gin and Classic Cars

On Saturday we decided to head to one of the local wine farms for breakfast.  There was a time when the main thing to do at the wine farms was wine-tasting but these days there is a lot more going on.  This particular wine farm includes a Big Cat Sanctuary, a petting zoo and two restaurants.

The restaurant we chose has tables outside overlooking the gardens.  The children in our group had fun running in the gardens and exploring although they were happier with a grown-up nearby, which gave me a change to get some photos.

The place offers a good choice of breakfast options, more than just posh versions of an English or a Continental breakfast.  Most of us had the Eggs Benedict which was very tasty, when it finally arrived.  While the food was good there is room for improvement with the service.

Eggs benedict for breakfast

After breakfast we decided to have cake.  Once again, I went for a chocolate cake.  I do have a particular weakness for chocolate cake even though most places struggle to make a nice moist version.  I would say this chocolate cake was very average.  I’m glad we decided to share because I could not have eaten a whole slice on my own.  The raspberry coulis on the baked cheesecake was very tasty.

Given the slow service it was getting rather late by the time we had finished eating.  Of course it was not the sort of place where people expect to rush and we took turns walking round the gardens.  We even watched part of a wedding and they certainly have a good wedding venue.

Wedding venue

Then time for some gin.  The gin bar offers a wide range of local craft gins and is in the classic cars showroom.  They have a range of jaguars which can be rented.  I have seen pictures of people drinking gin at the table, I wonder how you make that happen.

Classic cars jaguar

You can choose to have a single glass of gin or do one of their tastings.  They have a wide range of South African craft gins to choose from.  I’m not sure how I feel about being told they were impressed with my knowledge of craft gin.  In a gin tasting you start by trying the gin neat.  At this point I found the gins too strong and could only taste a slight difference in the spicy gin.  Then they add garnish to bring out the flavour except they still tasted pretty much the same to me.  Maybe because two of the gins were very similar.  After adding tonic water and ice the drinks tasted much better. I found the pomegranate gin a bit strange because of the combination of sweet and sharp flavours.    In the end I bought a bottle of the naartjie (applies to tangerines, mandarins and satsumas) gin because I thought it was nice and refreshing for the summer.

South African craft gin

I am looking forward to another chance to visit this wine farm.

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