New Blog Update

You may have noticed there have been fewer posts lately. I have decided to sort out a new blog which fits better with the sort of posts I have been sharing lately.

Clearly with my relationship going well there is not much material for an online dating blog and I don’t really want to write about how the relationship is going. So I have decided to change to more of a travel and lifestyle blog. That way I can share stories about things I do that I hope you will find interesting.

So far I have come up with a new concept. The next big decision is if I should go self-hosting. IT Guy has suggested a cheap host site which he uses as well as a good place to get a web template which he knows is reliable. I have a load more reading to do to make sure I know what I am doing. I am not even sure if all the terminology is correct.

I have a trip planned in March which means I should be able to get some good material for posts for the new blog. So hopefully you will be understanding while I get things figured out managed to set-up a new blog

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