I am a single woman living in South Africa.  I am approaching 40 and this has got me thinking about what I have done with my life so far and what I want to do next.  Then I started building a relationship with someone and started to think that perhaps this was the next big adventure I needed in my life but then he dumped me.    It was a long distance relationship and we were due to meet about a year after we “met” but he told me days before that he had met someone else.

I can’t say it is the most tragic or heartbreaking story ever but I was shocked and upset.  My solution was to sign up to an online dating site and it was not long before I was entertaining my friends with stories of the people I encountered.  So this blog is about how I deal with this heartbreak and hopefully turn it into a more positive story about how I change my life and find happiness.

I think that there will be many people who will be able to relate to my experiences, lots of laughs and perhaps will help not only me but a few others along the way.