About Me and This Blog

I am a single, 40 something, woman living in South Africa.  In the Easter of 2017 I traveled to the UK to meet a guy I met through online gaming but he ended the relationship days before I was due to leave.

I set up an online dating profile as a means to fill the gap.  Initially it was also an act of petty vengeance because I knew he would not approve.  It was not long before I was entertaining my friends with stories of the people I encountered.  That gave me the idea for this blog.

So this is meant to be the story of how I took a bad experience and I’m turning it into something good.  Hopefully along the way I will entertain you with stories of the crazy characters I meet.  I think that buried in these stories is some online dating advice for guys and no doubt also some women.  Even if most of it is how not to stories.  Hopefully it will also provide some interesting insights into the world of online dating in South Africa.  No doubt you will also learn a bit more about life in South African and how this affects dating.

So this is meant to be the story of how I take Heartbreak and turn it into Hope.

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