Reflecting on the origins of my blog

It was a really good New Year.  I went to a street party.  We danced in the street and someone’s driveway.  It rained briefly, which made people happy, because we have a water shortage in Cape Town.  The guys continued to braai (BBQ if you are not South African) and everyone was soon back outside.


In contrast I spent most of last year’s New Year’s eve talking to Guy 0.  I don’t always make plans for New Year.  I hate the pressure of feeling like you have to party.  Actually the Christmas and New Year period last year was fantastic for getting to know Guy 0 because we had time to chat.

The relationship with him was different to the more recent online dating relationships because we met through online gaming and had already known each other for nearly a year.  He first caught my attention a few months earlier.  There was a problem with the game and while most of the guys simply moaned about the issue, he quietly complained assertively and got his money back.  I liked the no nonsense way he dealt with the issue.

I really enjoyed the new relationship buzz.  I made an effort to get photos of Cape Town for him and he sent me some interesting photos of him in the snow.  Whereas these days I am constantly alert for scammers and wierdos.  Not to mention the times when things start well but after one or more conversations the guys simply disappear.

Of course that relationship is over now.  I doubt I will have another experience quite like that.  It was really special to have his support when my sister was driving me particularly crazy with building work.  For a long time afterwards I had to stop myself taking pictures of Cape Town intended for him.  These days I enjoy taking pictures for this blog instead.

I nicknamed him Guy 0 because the end of that relationship led to the start of this blog.  In some respects, at the start, the online dating was an act of petty vengeance because I knew would disprove.  Also the online dating and blog provided the means to fill a gap.  As time has passed I really enjoy blogging about my online dating experiences and I am enjoying getting to know new people.  By taking a proactive approach to meeting new people I feel like I am taking more control of where my life is going.  I hope that one of these days I will find someone that is actually right for me.


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